Why Local SEO Is Easier Than Traditional SEO



SEO for local placement is getting more and more popular these days and many Internet marketers do realize that it is much easier to set up a SEO strategy for local targeting than a global campaign. But what are the real secrets of local SEO placements and how can you become a real expert of local SEO in a short period of time?


Internet marketers often read outdated e-books and reports and finally get confused why their search engine campaigns are not working. Unfortunately there are many people online who are considering themselves SEO experts or who are acting as SEO consultants; however, they have no idea of the basic rules of SEO or just simply get it wrong. It can damage websites and internet marketers do pay out a lot of money for search engine optimization services that bring in no results.


How do you know which keywords you should focus on and which keywords are going to make your phone ring with a prospective client? The keywords you choose to use on your blog and website should be determined by who you are speaking to through your blog and website. This is called your niche market.