Should SEO Techniques Be Used for Images on Websites?



The considered naming and tagging of images can be a very effective way to improve your SEO efforts. The placement of keywords in image tags is just as useful as in the textual content of your website. It is important to avoid the temptation to stuff keywords into these 'hidden' tags as the leading search engines are more than capable of detecting such underhanded techniques.


When you are thinking about putting up a website to share a topic that interests you, have you ever started to second guess yourself, wondering if it's in a profitable niche? Do you wonder whether or not you will find an interested audience once you have your site up? Well, you are not alone, and I hope as you read on you will consider how smart it is to be thinking about how to find a profitable niche right from the start. This article discusses how to merge the topic your passionate about, and find a profitable niche within that topic using a few popular sites and keywords for quick research. Find your eager audience today and profit.


Webmasters should always follow Google's webmaster guidelines if they want their sites to rank well in the search engines. Most guidelines are simple and easy to understand. So there should be no issue following these guidelines.