What the Google Panda Update Did and Didn't Change About SEO



The Google Panda update did ding a lot of sites, but the main focus of the update seemed to be getting rid of content farms. If you're not familiar with a content farm, it's basically a constant stream of posts and articles (either unique or copied) that simply exist to put more content on a webpage in hopes of focusing keywords and attracting backlinks from pingbacks and re-posts.


SEO is a popular technique adopted by the webmasters to increase the visibility of the website to the targeted visitors. A properly optimized website will enhance the chance that the spiders of the search engine will find the website very easily and help the online business to grow.


Let's face it, you need to know how to get Google Page Ranking, if you want to survive and thrive on the Internet. Getting ranked in Google is not that hard when you understand the basics and apply them...